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1) Question
I have a problem with registration. When I try to register my account I get an empty page
https://www.ukrainianmusic.net/catalog/create_account.php with the message "The page cannot be displayed."

While on that page https://www.ukrainianmusic.net/catalog/create_account.php
try to click on the Refresh button. If that does not help, click on the Back button and enter your information again.
If you are on a different page of the site try to login using your login and password. https://www.ukrainianmusic.net/catalog/login.php

2) Question
On the Payment Information page
After I entered my credit card information and clicked Continue browser does not display next page

This can have the following causes:
a) the payment system is currently overloaded
Try to go back using Back button and then try again.
b) Your personal Firewall does not allow you to enter this page.
Try to turn off the Firewall and try without it.
c) In your settings Accept Cookies function is turned off
Turn the Cookies on. In Internet Explorer Cookies options are located in Tools, Internet Options, Tab Advanced or Tab Privacy and there Advanced.
If you did not receive the confirmation of the purchase through the e-mail and did not receive the new order e-mail from the store, try to login again and complete the purchase. The products you have selected should remain in the basket.

3) Question
I did all the steps mentioned above and still can not complete my purchase. What should I do?

a) In order to complete the purchase email us at sales@ukrainianmusic.net information about the products you would like to purchase. We will send you a page where you will be able to pay directly.
b) In order to help us correct the mistakes in the store please make the following steps and e-mail it to us at sales@ukrainianmusic.net and admin@intelex.ca:
1) Please tell us where exactly the problem has happened. In order to do that please copy the URL from the address bar and send it to us. If you can please also send us a Print Screen of the page you experience problem with. While on that page, click simultaneously on Alt and PrtScn (located in the upper right corner above the arrow keys). After that open Word and click on the Paste button. You should see on the screen copy of your screen). Save the file and send it to us.
2) Please mention the name and the version of the browser you are using. (i.e. Internet Explorer 5.5)
3) Type and version of the Firewall you are using if any.
4) Type and version of the Antivirus you are using if any.
Thank you in advance for your help!

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Ethno Group "DakhaBrakha". Light
Ethno Group "DakhaBrakha". Light
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