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GOLDEN COLLECTION. Traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs, Vol.2

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GOLDEN COLLECTION. Traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs, Vol.2

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1 "The Neighbor Woman" perf. by Bandura Players Chapel of Ukraine Play
2 "The Green, Green Rye" perf. by Trio Lybid Play
3 "The Girl was standing on the porch" perf. by Mykola Rakov and Oleksandr Taranets' Play
4 "The deep Well" perf. by Diana Petrynenko
5 "Kyiv to Lubny" perf. by Bandura players chapel of Ukraine Play
6 "A Fiddle is playing in the street" perf. by Yevhenia Miroshnychenko
7 "Stile, stile" perf. by Lyudmyla Makovetska, Oleksandr Trofymchuk
8 "Oh, my precious shoes" perf. by Olena Slobodyanyk
9 "Good Evening, Girl" perf. by Klavdia Radchenko and Mykhaylo Shevchenko
10 "Still Water" perf. by Raisa Kyrychenko
11 "A mountain high" perf. by Volodymyr Zarkov
12 "Ivanko, Ivanko" perf. by Bandura Players Trio
13 "If not for these tiny fences" perf. by Konstyantyn Ohnyevoy
14 "In the little cherry orchard" perf. by Female Vocal Group of the Bukovyna State Honoured Folk Song and Dance Ensemble
15 "A Streamlet Flows" perf. by Ivan Chaychenko
16 "Blackthorn is Blossoming" perf. by Ukrainian Radio Bandura Players Trio
17 "There stands a high mountain" perf. by Konstyantyn Ohnyevoy
18 "The cows were walking from the grove"perf. by the Vocal quartet of the Cherkasy Ukrainian Folk Choir
19 "Girl, my darling" perf. by Oleksandr Zahrebelnyj
20 "Go, go, you gray geese" perf. by Alla Kudlay
21 "The Cossack Walked along the ravine" perf. by Kateryna Kinakh and Hanna Lytvynenko
22 "So i walk across the meadow, leading my horse" perf. by Zoya Khrystych
23 "The pine was burning" perf. by Zakarpattya Folk Choir
24 "I ponder" perf. by Anatoliy Mokrenko
25 "The Wind is blowing, the rain is pouring" perf. by Maria Stefyuk
26 "I'll get going" perf. by the State Bandura Players Chapel of Ukraine
27 "Oh, there's a cranberry bush on the hill" perf. by Diana Matyuschenko and Vasyl Matyuschenko
28 "My neighbor's got a white house" perf. by Dmytro Hnatyuk
29 "Ma hair is oh so black" perf. by the Female Vocal Group of the Cherkasy Ukrainian Folk Choir
30 ""The boy i love has got black eyebrows" perf. by the Cherkasy Ukrainian Folk Choir
31 "If i had a gray horse" perf. by the male vocal group

Total Time : 79:38

2006 ASTRA 31

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Ethno Group "DakhaBrakha". Light
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